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Riot Squad

riot squadRiot Sqaud, one of the fastest growing electro acts in Cape Town! Amazing skills behind the decks as well as behind the sealed studio doors. The butterbox residents are well worthy, keep an eye out on these guys :)

1. What's the meaning behind Riot Squad?
Mike: No real meaning, was meant to be for another side project I was gonna do with Redsquad but never got around to it, so used Riot Squad for this alias. We were originally actually gonna be called Nox but found there were like 20 other Nox’s on Beatport so quickly ruled that out.
 Kyle: Yea as Mike said we originally were going to call ourselves Nox but that was taken for sure. When Mike brought up the name Riot Squad we both really liked it and thought that it suited us and worked for what we were going for in terms of look and music wise. The name Riot Squad works really well also in terms of marketing and is catchy which is very important as you want people to remember your name.

2. If you didn't play Electro, what genre would you play?
Mike:  Well we actually started playing a mix of Breaks, Dubstep & Electro and then moved to Drum & Bass and then Electro again so we haven’t really played one thing throughout but at the moment I think we’re leaning towards a mix up of Electro / Breaks / Dubstep / Drum & Bass & possibly some glitch every now and then.
Kyle: What Mike said.

3. Where do you see the SA music scene heading?
Mike: I think the SA scene at the moment has a lot of potential. There are some really talented people everywhere you look so I think the scene is definitely gonna go from strength to strength in the next couple of years.
Kyle: The music scene at the moment is only getting better and better. There are so many talented individuals in South Africa. There is a wide range of music being produced out there and people are learning more and more. The tools that one has to work with is crazy. There is definitely a lot of competition out there.

4. Strangest thing you've done behind the decks?
Mike: Haha, at our first set at Assembly, I was too drunk to mix so I just put on a mask and jumped around while Kyle played the entire set.
Kyle: Threw the cdj’s into the crowd…..Just playing. Nothing too crazy!

5. Favourite DJ other than yourselves? and why?
Mike: I’d have to say Sebastian Leger.  Had such a good time at his set when he played at Trinity and he had so much energy so would have to be him.
Kyle: Hmmm that’s a tough one as I have so many. In terms of production id have to say Netsky as every track that he comes out with I immediately love and can play over and over. I recently was fortunate enough to see him live at Ramfest and lets just say that was a crazy 2 hours.

6. Favourite feel good tune of all time?
Mike: Anticipate (Netsky Remix)
Kyle : Mac Miller – Nike’s on my feet

7. Which 3 international DJs would you most want to see in South Africa in 2012?
Mike: Noisia, Nero & Skrillex.
Kyle: Knife Party, Skrillex and Camo & Crooked

8. What fuels you creatively?
Mike: The urge to create new beats.
Kyle: Hearing new releases and old tunes. Being in a bar or club or even driving around in my car. Opening Cubase.

9. Favourite pastime?
Mike: Chilling with mates & listening to music.
Kyle: Watching my mate play on his turntables in his room and thinking to myself…I wanna do that!

10. Does your toilet paper hang under or over?
Mike: Over.
Kyle: Both.

11. Tell us about your best gig ever?
Mike: Id say this small gig we had in Stellies at Die Mystic Boer. Had a really awesome energy that we were feeding of and the crowd was going completely nuts, pulling the roof down.
Kyle: Iv had a lot of awesome gigs in my career so far but my favorite would have to be when we first played at The Assembly to a full house and we were so damn excited and couldn’t have gone better.

12. Longest set you've ever played?
Mike: Think around 2 hours.
Kyle:  Longest set we played was 2 hours. Try stay away from anything longer then that.

13. Do you think you need to be a producer to make it big as a DJ?
Mike: Definitely.
Kyle: Yes it definitely helps a lot to get your name out there not only on the local scene but in the international scene. There are so many Dj’s out there so to stand out amongst the many you need to make some quality beats. Plus there’s nothing better than seeing a crowd go off to your music.

14. Whats your take on stage diving?
Kyle: We haven’t had a chance to do it yet but we have thought about this so many times. I think when the right time comes you will definitely be seeing a duo stage dive at the same time.
Mike: Its cool if you can pull it off but totally useless if you cant.

15. Describe yourselves in High School…
Mike: A naughty little bastard.
Kyle: Always getting into trouble even when it wasn’t me.

16. Till what age do you see yourself Djing?
Mike: Hopefully till I die.
Kyle: For as long a possible!

17. Boobs or Bum?
Mike: love them both equally.
Kyle: Always a tough one but id have to go with Bum.

18. If you were playing a back to back set, who would be your dream partner?
Mike:  Netsky.
Kyle: DeadMau5.

Thanks Guys

Love from Butterbox Team